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24 March 2007 @ 01:13 pm
Oh, Florida...  
I was startled by a sound rustling the blinds. It was one of those little lizards that scurry all over Florida. Silly lizard, I thought You don't belong in our apartment. So I went about trying to trap the lizard in a little plastic container so I could set him free in the wilds of the bush outside. This went on for a few minutes. He scurried around the window, down the wall, and onto the floor. Then he scurried into the back of my computer! And he sure as heck doesn't belong in there.

A boyfriend, a disasembled case, and a can of air later, we finally got him out.
Camilleadmiralboom on March 24th, 2007 08:57 pm (UTC)
You guys DO have a lot of lizards down in Florida. Ben and I were walking in some nature park, and he was catching them by hand! His cousin told us that his sister (Ben's other cousin) used to catch them when she was little and clip them to her ears. Apparently they always have their mouths open, and she would just hold them to her ear lobes until they clamped down. Weird!
PaxBellatorpaxbellator on March 26th, 2007 04:40 am (UTC)
I actually like those things in the house (they are in N.Carolina, too) because they eat bugs I don't want in the house.

...that, and the pups like to chase 'em.